“Shannon is the best sales coach/thinker/teacher I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with.”

– EMIRA MEARS, Associate Director – BC Office at Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Former Producer – SVI Vancouver

“I really love working with Shannon. I lead Pique Ventures, an impact investment firm, and faced with the opportunity to and the challenge of growing our second venture fund, I was seeking someone to help me improve my sales process. I have been successful at sales in the past, but have no formal sales training. Shannon is awesome in every way because her techniques work. Authentic selling takes a lot of energy and Shannon has helped me develop the right mindsets, habits, and skills to serve customers with clear, positive energy every day.”


“In the first few months of implementing Shannon’s sales processes, we were able to take our sales cycle from 3-6 months down to an average of 30 days. I would recommend Shannon to anyone.”


“Our firm used Shannon for a one-day sales workshop for our portfolio managers and financial consultants. We would all highly recommend her to any firm striving to grow their client or customer base. Shannon challenged us all in the entire sales process. From her Love Cycle Method of integrating branding, sales, and marketing, to her suggestions for directing our prospecting efforts and measuring our sales success. We, as a team, can’t thank Shannon enough for energizing our sales strategy.”

-MARY LOU MILES, Director of Wealth Management – Genus Capital Management

“Working with Shannon was great and added great value to my company. Shannon provided the structure and processes I needed to increase my sales with the right clients quickly and easily, with much less struggle. The sales strategies we developed together have set up Control Alt Delete up for our most successful year yet!”

-JAMES DUNNIGAN, founder – Control Alt Delete It Servicesom.ca

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Shannon. Shannon came on to support the EntrepreNorth Program that invests in Indigenous and community-based businesses in Canada’s North. She really leveled up the program and the learning that the cohort went through on Sales. Her comprehensive day-long training was tailored to the participants, hands-on, and connected them to resources and supports they could come back to as follow-up. Shannon’s style really helped support transformational learning among the participants, and she enabled a number of break-through moments for individuals. I hope to continue to work with Shannon and to enlist her services for other projects and even for my own business!”

ANNELIES TJEBBES, Social Innovation Consultant, Project Lead – Entreprenorth

“I would highly recommend Shannon for people who have a fear of sales. She delivered an onsite workshop to a cohort of entrepreneurs and completely transformed the way they thought about sales. Shannon equipped everyone with strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, gain greater customer focus, and shared step-by-step methods to drive sales in a way that will make you feel good.”


-BEN SCOTT, Principal – Feed the Fire, Project Director – Entreprenorth



“I’ve learned to love selling and my sales increased 400% over the same period last year!



“Shannon gave us the knowledge tools and resources to streamline our sales process and the confidence and mindset to execute on it effectively.”

ERICA CADDO, Sales Director, EDP Software


“We were able to implement OnTrack’s strategies with our team immediately. As a result, within one month of working with Shannon, we achieved a record sales month and a 60% increase in average transaction value. We made back my investment in the services almost immediately.”

-CHRISTINE PILKINGTON, CEO, JellyBeen and VancouverMom.ca


“Shannon is an amazing sales trainer – gives great value and truly cares that you succeed.”



“Shannon quickly and easily coached me into a very clear, very successful sales strategy that I know I can use to succeed!