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OnTrack provides sales coaching and consulting services to help women entrepreneurs build profitable and successful businesses, on their own terms.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Uncover how OnTrack can help you build, train and support a high-performing sales team to take your business to the next level of success.


Grow Your Business

Discover how to master the critical business skill needed to achieve the success you’ve dreamed about in our business – sales.


“We were able to implement OnTrack’s strategies with our team immediately. As a result, within one month of working with Shannon, we achieved a record sales month and a 60% increase in average transaction value. We made back my investment in the services almost immediately.”

-Christine Pilkington, CEO, JellyBeen and VancouverMom.ca


“Shannon is an amazing sales trainer – gives great value and truly cares that you succeed.”

Janice Porter 


“Shannon quickly and easily coached me into a very clear, very successful sales strategy that I know I can use to succeed!

– Katherine Johnson


“I’ve learned to love selling and my sales increased 400% over the same period last year!

– Anahita Sharhvini, GoGo Bags


“Shannon is super strategic and insightful. She quickly zeroed in on something I KNEW about myself but didn’t want to admit and helped me change it. If you have a chance to snag a session with Shannon, do it! She’s helpful and delightful.”

– Michelle Mazur


“Shannon gave us the knowledge tools and resources to streamline our sales process and the confidence and mindset to execute on it effectively.”

– Erica Caddo, Sales Director, EDP Software